September Newsletter


 From the Pastor

**The so-called “Year Without a Summer”—1816—belongs to a three-year period of severe climate deterioration of global scope caused by the eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia in April, 1815. With plummeting temperatures, and disruption to major weather systems, human communities across the globe faced crop failures, epidemic disease, and civil unrest on a catastrophic scale. In cultural terms, the dreary summer of 1816 is best known as the setting for Mary Shelley’s writing of Frankenstein, a novel whose iconic Creature offers a figure for the millions of hungry and dispossessed of Europe during the protracted climate emergency that followed Tambora’s eruption.  **Wood, Gillen D’Arcy. “1816, The Year without a Summer.” BRANCH: Britain, Representation and Nineteenth-Century History. Ed. Dino Franco Felluga. Extension of Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net

Events of 1816 Jan 12th France decrees Bonaparte family excluded from the country forever

Jan 22nd Lord Byron completes “Parisina” & “Siege of Corinth”

Feb 13th -14] Teatro San Carlo in Naples destroyed by fire

Feb 20th Rossini’s opera “Barber of Seville” premieres in Rome

Feb 27th Dutch regain Suriname from the French after the defeat of Napoleon

Mar 6th Jews are expelled from Free city of Lubeck Germany

Mar 20th US Supreme Court affirms its right to review state court decisions

Apr 9th African Methodist Episcopal Church organizes (Phila)

Apr 10th 2nd Bank of US chartered

May 5th American Bible Society organized (NY)

May 10th British steamship “Defiance” arrives at Rotterdam harbor

May 11th American Bible Society forms (NY)

Jun 6th 10″ of snowfall in New England, part of a “year without a summer” which followed the eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia

Jun 11th Gas Light Co of Baltimore founded

Jun 19th Battle of Seven Oaks between North West Company and Hudson’s Bay Company, near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Jul 1st French frigate Medusa wrecked; basis of Géricault’s painting “Raft of the Medusa”

Jul 3rd French frigate “Medusa” runs aground off Cap Blanc. Gross incompetence kills 150 in calm seas

Jul 8th Frost in Waltham, Massachusetts during “year without a summer”

Jul 9th Argentina declares independence from Spain

Jul 19th Survivors of French frigate Medusa rescued off Senegal after 17 days

Jul 27th US troops destroy Fort Apalachicola, a Seminole fort, to punish Indians for harboring runaway slaves

Aug 8th Bavaria joins Holy Alliance

Aug 14th Great Britain annexes Tristan da Cunha

Aug 19th Java again in Dutch hands

Aug 24th The Treaty of St. Louis is signed in St. Louis, Missouri.

Aug 27th Lord Exmouth bombards Algiers, a refuge for Barbary pirates

Sep 5th Louis XVIII has to dissolve the Chambre introuvable (“Unobtainable Chamber”).

Oct 7th 1st double decked steamboat, Washington, arrives in New Orleans

Oct 21st The Penang Free School is founded in George Town, Penang, Malaysia, by the Rev Hutchings. It is the oldest English-language school in Southeast Asia.

Nov 19th Warsaw University is established.

Dec 2nd First savings bank in US opens (Philadelphia Savings Fund Society)

-17 Meanwhile, the eleven disciples were on their way to Galilee, headed for the mountain Jesus had set for their reunion. The moment they saw him they worshiped him. Some, though, held back, not sure about worship, about risking themselves totally.    18-20 Jesus, undeterred, went right ahead and gave his charge: “God authorized and commanded me to commission you: Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life, marking them by baptism in the threefold name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you. I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age.”     Matthew 28 (the Message)

I have to admit, I love Google.  It sooooo often makes me look soooo much smarter than I really am.  This morning, preparing to write this article… and well aware that in just a few days our church will be celebrating 200 years of organized Methodism in Saybrook, I had the notion to look up the year 1816 in my study assistant, Google.  I was thinking, it would be nice if I were to find a thing or two to reflect on, and to see what was going on as our ancestors of the faith were preparing to gather for the first time following in the footsteps of John Wesley.  I was hoping for a thing or two and was amazed to find web page after web page relating to the year 1816… way too much to reflect on all of it here, but, in Methodist history I did discover that 1816 was the founding of  the African Methodist Episcopal Church  as well as the death of Francis Asbury, one of the first two bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States.  1816 was also known as the year without a summer.  As you read on the first page, there was an eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia which caused lower temperatures— globally, which then caused food shortages.  That was the environment in which the Methodist Church began here in Saybrook.  And when I say church, I mean a body of believers who gathered to worship and study.  There was no church building.  These faithful met in private homes, and in time they grew, built a building… and then another.  They became the Saybrook COMMUNITY Church in 1951, for their purpose was to invite all who desired to worship God, and be involved in ministry to become a part of their fellowship.  They reached out to a world who was hungry in so many different ways.

And it continues today… We may no longer have the world Community officially in our name, but our mission has not changed….  We still are reaching out to a hungry world.  We adopt 35 families at Christmas— and feed them well.  We are supporting yet still another student in Honduras.  Even as I am writing this, we are involved in a “Stuff the Bus” campaign, collecting “stuff” for our local school children who may need a hand in obtaining the needed materials in order to help them learn.  And with equal importance, we are celebrating our 52nd year at the Lake…  inviting persons to worship who may just want to get outside in the summer…  and those who just don’t feel comfortable going to a church that has walls.  All this because a group of saints began meeting in private homes 200 years ago to honor and worship their Lord.  All the soul

touched by their humble start is their legacy— not the buildings built or the stuff bought— but the lives touched.  In a day when many churches are struggling to survive, let us live together with a determined spirit to continue making a difference as a “People trying to live like Jesus”.

Peace,   Jeff



1   Lou Buck

2   Tim Root

2   Ron Shelestak

3   Carol Karpowicz

3   Billi Williams

4   Nicholas Leavitt

8   Teri Mead

10  Ken Osten

11  Sue Nelson

11  Jill Serpico

12  Jerry Farman

12  Nikki  Williamson

15  Alex DeCamillo

15  Mary Powell

19  Shelby DeCamillo

22  Teagan Gilbert

26  Joyce Shelestak

28  Michele Verdi

29  Josiah Stoll

29  Larry Beals

30  Eden Wheeler




2    Jim & Trish Stanford

4   Rob & Amy Kleps

5    Max & Sandy Cobb

6    Scott & Jennifer Stumbo

7    Randy & Jill Serpico

8    Everett & Jessie Craft

30  Jeff & Katie Stoll


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Our School Supply project was a great success because of all of you and many donations from the public. By STUFFING THE BUS at Tony’s Dog House, we were given a lot of exposure that we would not have had. People would stop by the bus and ask what we were doing. It was really exciting!!! Thanks to all of you who stood in the sun, held signs, rang the bel, waved or gave out tootsie rolls. We have never received so many supplies or cash donations. Our church is amazing. God is So Good!!!! He is always there!            Judy Richards



We hope you will Come & Join in the Fun & Reflection of the 200th Birthday of Saybrook Methodist Episcopal Church 1816-2016 Come in your Sunday Best!

Ladies in your Long Skirts, Long Sleeve Blouses & Mop Caps or Bonnets. Gentlemen in your Back pants, White shirts, Suspenders and Straw hats.

Bring a basket of Goodies to share for the Table service. Please share Fun Stories & Pictures if you have them

As a local United Methodist Congregation we promise to honor God with:

Our Prayers

Service Men & Women, Our Police, Our Country, Our Leaders, Our Courts, Our County, Our Local Cities, Our Churches, Our Shut Ins, & College Students DeeAnn Rich (Missionary), Mary Simmons, Erik Pimentel, Jean Hornbeck, Kurt Brindley, Sylvia Slaybaugh, Pete & Sharyn Kovalesky, Phil Verdi, Linda Gray,

Joyce White, Kami Powell, Grant Lewis, Estel & Sue Matthews, Lorain Reese, Virginia Harris, Josh Midgley, Jim Beitel, Milan Conrad,Sue Morse, Kitty James, Karen Williams, Jenny Wallace, Ed Gathagan,Ken Livingston, Bob & Carol Loudermilk & Family, Priscilla Loudermilk, Sarah, Judy,  Allison Smith, Penny, Richard & Donald Clugh, The Clugh Family, Jeff Powell & Garrod Powell, 2 yr. old Mason, Robert MacNaughton, Debbie Armstrong, Joy Miller (Charmaine’s Mom), Tom Heil, Brittany & Baby,Bob & Sarah (Barb Laughlin’s Brother & Sister-in-Law)Lorrain Reese, Theresa Foglio, Ken Brown, Martha & Jonamarie Laurilla

Michele Verdi

Our Presence

Date            Sunday    WOW

7/24/2016    140          23

7/31/2016    122          36

8/7/2016      119          26

8/14/2016    120          27


Our Gifts

Year to Date

Offerings & Income                $108,036.11

Expenses                                   $97,066.81

Income: Expenses Deficit        + $10,969.30


Our Service



Liturgist             Children’s message

9/4       Karen Klimek    Rev.Jeff

9/11                               Rev.Jeff

9/18     Myrna Osten     Myrna Osten

9/25     Penny Vaughn   Rev.Jeff




9/4    8:30am. Worship, Labor Day Sunday at the Saybrook TWP

9/11  10:00am Worship back at the church.

200th year Celebration

9/18   8:30am  Worship, 9:30am Sunday School,

10:30am Worship  Rally Day, Soup Sunday &

Grandparents Sunday

9/25  8:30am Worship, 9:30am Sunday School

10:30am Worship


Worship on Wednesday every Wednesday at 6:00p.m.

with Jimmy Fuller & the Praise Band


and Our Witness

Some Thoughts

from Sharyn Kovalesky

Every Wednesday at 6:00p.m. I read a devotion in Our Daily Bread about love. A new Christian told the chaplain, “I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to read the Bible. The more I read what God expects from me, the more I judge others who aren’t doing what it says.” Before I read any further I stopped. Have I done that? I sure have. The Bible says we should do such and such and that person certainly isn’t behaving like a Christian. Look what he’s doing. It’s probably something I’ve done myself and should have “judged” myself for. But, as we hear so often, it’s easier to see what others are doing wrong. Then I remember what Christ said in Matthew 7:3-5:  “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Oops, I’ve done it again. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I want to see clearly to love and help others, not to put them down, even if it’s only in my thoughts. That’s what Christ wants us to do; love our neighbors and help people. Remember John 3:17 – “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” By his grace we have been redeemed.

PraiseFest Well Received

By Lou Buck

            Before PraiseFest 2016 was finished, people were requesting a PraiseFest 2017.  With excellent performers, a crowd of approximately 125, suggestions were being made for next year.  The weather was perfect with the exception of a few light showers.  The temperature was in the 70’s and the      audience was quite comfortable sitting under tent canopies provided by Jim and Phyllis Wright and family.  Norma    Lambert had the original idea for the event having heard two of the participants in other churches.  She felt they had     exceptional talent and wanted SUMC to hear them.

            This was not a “money making” event but one to enjoy Christian music with different presentations.  The entire program was dedicated to the memory of John Laurila and to honor his family.  Free baseball hats with Christian logos were available.  John had done a witness for Christianity throughout his cancer treatment by wearing hats to show his love for Christ.  This provided many opportunities to present his “mission”.

            The Saybrook Praise Band, under the direction of Jimmy Fuller, opened the program.  They were followed by Robert Crockett, Edna Laferty, Juanita Chapman, and their keyboard accompanist.  All had exceptional talent and were well received.  Michael McCloskey from Perry was next with a very professional and delightful presentation.  Jim Fuller, who helped with the entire program in various ways, sang and had audience participation.

Saybrook’s Heavenly Harmony sang uplifting songs that were entertaining and had a message.  Emileann Braat, with her guitar and an exceptional voice for a young teenager, presented traditional songs.  Closing the program was the Cross County Shoreliners.  Six gentlemen sang in the barbershop style with humor, harmony, and messages for the audience.

            The amazing thing about Saybrook Methodist is that after any event of this caliber there is the automatic cooperation to clean-up all  areas and get things placed back where they belong.  The Education Committee truly appreciates the many people who were involved in this event to make it a      successful and meaningful program.


The Saybrook Praise Band would like to thank everyone who participated in Praise Fest 2016. We had a marvelous time sharing in the Spirit, and it was truly a community event.                Blessings to all,   Bobbi Heil


Soup Sunday is coming up Sept.18th., and the soups delicious like always!  Please order yours by Sept.13th.

October 2nd is the Bread for the World & Bake Sale.

October 8th. Is the Swiss Steak Dinner

If you would like to order soup and you are not here to order just call the office at 440-969-1562